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Melsonby, North Yorkshire, UK - 25 July 2006

Source: locoman1966 (Flickr)
"I was passing South on the nearby A1 Motorway and noticed an army helicopter hovering stationary roughly 500ft above this field to my right. I realised why it was there when I saw these massive and very intricate crop circles. I pulled over and stopped at a nearby slip road and took this shot then walked into one of the massive circles.
The edges were exactingly precise. The wheat was forced over in a uniform direction across the whole area of each circle.
This shot only shows roughly half the area of the field that had crop circles in it.
I have a few more of these I need to find.
One thing is for certain, I bet the army got the best photos of this!"

location: 54.470783, -1.695038
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Image of the crop circle in July 2006, Melsonby, North Yorkshire, UK © locoman1966[email protected]/16459148710